The Trainer's Compass

General description for Trainer's Compass: The overall objective of TEAMS project is to develop,
pilot and assess a standardized training package (set of simulation exercises), focused on
operational team training for EMCs/EMTs, adapable to different types of EMCs/EMTs

Starting and Induction

In this session you will learn how to introduce and explain TEAMS to your trainees as well as the use of ice breakers to set the conditions for a positive learning environment by fostering teamwork.

Concept note


  • To explain the history and background of the TEAMS training package
  • To explain the TEAMS 1.0 and 2.0 programme objectives
  • To introduce participants and facilitators to each other
  • To be introduced to some theories and conceptions of teamwork
  • For the team to establish their own principles for successful teamwork

Learning Objectives

On completion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. To discuss essential behaviours for successful team work
  2. To be aware of the impact one’s own behaviour has on a team’s performance
  3. To compare and relate the attributes of teamwork identified in the TEAMs research study to one’s own understanding of successful teams
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